Sormaly Coffee

Sormaly Coffee

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If you don’t like the coffee definitely read this article! Do you know cancer of the mouth and throat cancer is common in the world 10 category? A host of studies and reviews confirm that drinking coffee regularly between healthy people in as much as 2-3 cups a day compared with those who did not drink coffee “dramatic impact on health.
Anti cancer coffee *
according to research American Cancer Society that have taken place in 1982 ad specifies that daily consumption of only 4 cups of caffeinated coffee can the risk of this type of cancer is lethal to cut in half! Dark roasted coffee to have a variety of anti-oxidants has a reputation! The reason for this is the existence of compounds called reactive products Milar MRPs that plenty of antioxidant properties. That these are anti-oxidants help to cells from free radicals and oxidation action that can help to prevent cancer, protect. As well as the continuous consumption of caffeinated coffee size and to treat diseases such as diabetes, gout and diseases arising out of-– the liver and the digestive action effectively slowed

Anti diabetes coffee *

check carried out in accordance with the daily intake of 3 cups of coffee can be up to 34% of type 2 diabetes. Coffee lifter risk of gout (arthritis) * in 2007 during the studies in those who have drunk the amount of coffee in the form of a continuous risk of gout was 22% less than the others. Also, according to the research of caffeine can make the human body endurance performance in sports such as cycling, swimming and strengthening


the coffee consumed more than 4 cups a day for pregnant women and for people who have gastric reflux and also does not recommend children under 6 years *

Sormaly food industries on this basis in order to provide a useful and quality by using the best instant coffee brands in the world and the best raw materials produced a higher percentage of the mix with enough coffee, compared to similar products available in the market that has a high percentage of sugar, and Dear gun it to the consumer. it is worth mentioning our raw materials consumption in addition to high quality coffee and sugar were mostly imported from the finest materials for internal European “in particular has been a Holland production quality product maker

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