sormaly jelly powders

The properties of the jelly on the basis of the science of nutrition that you read in this section in relation to the properties of the jelly to the bone and the growth of children on the side of jelly with obesity information useful in your possession. Jelly of a substance called gelatin prepared that this article contains protein and the consumption of food containing protein and amino acids in the bone-building an effective role and growth. Gelatin jelly as the original manufacturer of the substance naturally article is not fattening and jelly Salemi and prepare it from a small amount of sugar that is used does not have a significant disadvantage for the body. The value is not high and jelly food can not be replaced the original food meals and usually it as dessert and snack for children, it is better to use shoodps the size of n. Considering that in making a jelly of colors and edible essential oil is used, it must be said just in case the add non-standard colours and essential oil-consuming jelly will disadvantage; so consumers should pay attention to the health of the product permits show